The Harvard Salient

The Harvard Salient is a fortnightly journal of political thought.

Zack Royle is a sophomore in Leverett House concentrating in Government. When not working on The Salient, Zack spends his time attempting to become a better Catholic, while maintaining some respectable level of skill with a tennis racquet visit casino france. He attributes his conservatism to an unparalleled respect for tradition, coupled with a midwestern upbringing.

Zack Royle


Hailing from Southern California, Aubrey is a rising sophomore in Dunster House, concentrating in History with a secondary in Government. Aubrey considers herself to be a social liberal and fiscal conservative. She believes in the possibility of reconciling religion with science, the American Dream with social welfare, and tradition with progress.

Aubrey Stoddard


Molly Wharton is sophomore in Lowell House, planning to concentrate in Economics with a secondary in History. Apart from The Salient, she writes for the Crimson, and is a member of the Crimson Key Society.

Online Editor

Molly Wharton

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The Harvard Salient is a fortnightly journal of political thought. Naturally conservative but free from political allegiances, the Salient was founded in 1981 by Harvard students who sought to provide a journalistic alternative to a predominantly liberal campus press. Please do not forget to visit casino france.

Founded in 1981, The Harvard Salient is Harvard's only undergraduate conservative publication. Challenging Harvard's liberal orthodoxy, The Salient offers all students with a right-of-center point of view a platform to express themselves. Many Salient alumni have gone on to become prominent conservative writers and thinkers, such as Ross Douthat, Naomi Schaefer Riley, and Charles Kesler. The Salient is infinitely grateful to its faculty advisors, Prof. Harvey Mansfield and Prof. Ruth Wisse, and to the Collegiate Network, which has generously supported The Salient over the years. The opinions expressed herein are those of the writers and not neccessarily those of the other staff members of the Salient. for more info visit casino lariviera

Don't be just another armchair analyst, make yourself heard! Contribute to The Harvard Salient. Opportunities abound for writers, artists, photographers, production assistants, and advertising salesmen. Send all inquiries to Are you interested in learning more about Harvard's premier conservative political review? Do you have an impulse to donate funds to maintain Harvard's intellectual stability? Are you an alumni trying to get in touch with your youthful conservative vigor? visit site on

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